Why cloth nappies?

Cloth nappies help parents save money, reduce waste and protect the environment, as well as being gentle on precious baby’s bum. 

Modern cloth nappies are easy to use, easy to wash and dry, can save parents £500 per child, prevent 4,000 nappies going to landfill AND they look great!

Disposable nappies cost up to £1,200 over 3 years, and are expected to take at least 500 years to decompose – nobody really knows, as disposables have only been around for about 40 years, but rest assured the first disposable nappies ever worn are still buried under tons of rubbish, looking much the same as the day they were thrown out! In contrast, a full set of cloth nappies can be bought for as little as £80 and could last for subsequent babies too.

Despite all these great reasons to use cloth nappies, many people still think they’re hard work – nappy pins, plastic pants and lots of scrubbing. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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