Our hire kits

Our hire kits include everything you need to get started with cloth nappies, include a variety of nappies and wraps, liners, wet bag, nappy pail and liner and boosters.  You can also hire individual nappies of there is a particular brand you are interested in.

Our main kit types are:


Designed specifically for newborn babies, our kits fit from 5lbs upwards, and consist predominantly of two part fitted nappies and all in one nappies. Exact brands vary but might include Little Lamb, Diddy Diapers, GNappies, Bambino Mio, Totsbots Teenyfits, Bumgenius Newborn, Itti Bitti small, Close Pop In newborn.


Our birth to potty kit includes examples of the main types of nappies (two part, all in one, pocket, hybrid), and are the latest versions available to buy new from retailers.  This kit is great for finding out which nappies work best for you before buying your own stash.  Examples of nappies included are (but are not limited to) Totsbots Easy Fit v4 / Bamboozle Stretch, Bumgenius 4.0 / Freetimes / Elemental / Flip, Bambooty Easy One Size, Bambooty Basics, Close Pop In, Baba and Boo, Milovia, Charlie Banana, Little Lamb, Miosolo, Ecopipo and more.


Our Try Cloth kit contains examples of the main types of nappy, but may be older versions, without as much variety as our main birth to potty kit. This kit is great if you are unsure whether cloth is right for you and want to keep things simple, just trying a few types to start with.  These might include older style and budget pocket nappies, a few all in one nappies and some older style Bamboozle or Motherease fitted nappies along with prefolds and wraps.


Night nappies are sometimes a little more difficult to get right, but it is more than possible to find a night nappy solution that will keep even heavy wetters dry and happy until morning.  Our night nappy kits contain a selection of specialist night nappies to try, including Wee Notions Night Notions, Ellas House, Holdens Landing,  Bambooty Night and more.


Coming to the end of your time with nappies?  Washable training pants can help children potty train quicker and easier. We have a range of different training pants you can hire.


Going on holiday but don’t want to stop using cloth while you’re away? You can hire a set of wraps designed to be used with either washable or disposable inserts, depending on the length of your trip and whether you will have any washing facilities available to you.

To enquire about any of our kits, get in touch via our Facebook page or email us.